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NEWS: AERIAL EAST - New LP 'Try Harder' out today via Partisan Records | Watch 'The Things We Build'

Today, Brooklyn singer-songwriter Aerial East releases her new album ‘Try Harder’ (via Partisan Records), listen/buy HERE. Over 12 tracks, East’s elegant desert folk finds peace within a universal feeling of groundlessness, creating beautiful odes to those of us who feel like our edges are rough and perhaps we don’t always quite fit in. The release is accompanied by a music video for ‘Try Harder’ highlight “The Things We Build,” which was shot in NYC and directed by artist/photographer Brianna Capozzi, who worked with East to create the visual language for all of ‘Try Harder’.

Aerial East – “The Things We Build”

“The Things We Build” floats with contemplative grace, and the video seamlessly blends the music's intimacy with a Lynchian irreverence. East describes the song’s meaning: “‘The Things We Build’ is about being from nowhere really, and struggling to feel ownership over a life you are building with someone who seems to have a more solid foundation.”

As the daughter of a military family, East spent her late childhood in Europe and teenage years in Abilene, Texas. ‘Try Harder’ draws heavily from that TX upbringing and perpetual feeling of unanchoredness. After dropping out of community college, she moved to NYC where she’d meet a group of musicians whom she would come to befriend and collaborate with including Okay Kaya, Kelsey Lu, Wet + more.

‘Try Harder’ has earned praise so far from Uncut, who called it "A quietly moving hymn to home and humanity" (8/10), and from Mojo who praising its "unvarnished beauty" (4/5). Few more key tracks here: "Katharine," "Try Harder"

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