At Last: A Look At Black Hyena By Everything Everything + IOE AIE Remix

Four fond friends in a vintage car, crawling along at a measured pace, but do they know where they're going to, and what entity may cross their path? The Night of the Treacled Boarder is illustrated in the unexpected, yet saluted airing of Everything Everything's Black Hyena from their John Congleton produced fifth studio album Re-Animator. Causing a stir back in the dawn of autumn, it satisfied admirers of obscure landscapes, life-affirming events and the expected EE form of art.

Music video nerds and connoisseurs have been spoilt by the group in 2020 and savoured a steady stream of work. With a total of six individual pieces, a number had the boys with their name in lights, a few were digital, and Planets travelled down the old faithful 'toy monkey as the star' route. In Birdsong questioned our place in nature through animation, and Arch Enemy introduced the supreme being Fatberg coating the landscape in repulsive oil. Violent Sun orchestrated the quartet running to their destiny, while Big Climb removed them furthest from their real state to an office environment. It really was anyone's guess what Black Hyena would bring.

Reunited with director and cameraman Kit Monteith once more, the black and yellow colour scheme has an industrialised glaze, and the use of Monteith's favoured CCTV equipment. The footage, shot in Stockport, sees our musicians cruising around the city. There is an air of suspicion, a feeling of suspense, but also the climate is calm and composed, matching the quality of the song. Suddenly an unidentified creature- played by Jasper Dawson Clough- appears, taking the mind back to the 90s drama that caused a sensation, Chimera. He glides past, making one wonder why on earth did we give skateboarding up, possibly around the time the programme was aired; he has skills.

Re-Animator addresses rebirth; it is often not a straight-forward ride with positives and pitfalls. In Black Hyena there is a fantastical element- "On a banana peel, he slips and breaks his brain in two, the master cracks into life"- specifically exploring animals and the afterlife. Under the arches with some gorgeous cinematography, we learn more about this master, the zombified dude, as he generally gets up to mischief, making us begin to question why the other lads aren't overly worried of their fate. But there was never any need to panic. You see, it turns out that he is a pal hitching a lift as beast and human coexist equally in this warped world.

On the same evening as the video release, as part of the festivities, Black Hyena The Remix was dropped in a dignified fashion. Reworked by IOE AIE from the DDC collective, the techno crew includes brother Kit along with other experimental creators. From a Leftfield echoed beat, the intense repeated motif is preserved and the rise and fall of the siren, the anchor of both versions. The drums drive it to rave territory, with the voice differentiating in its sleepier deliberate drawl. Short strokes of melody take the project to its end. Just as thunderous, just as freakish, this intelligent addition to the repertoire wraps up a thriving, prosperous yet bizarre year for EE.

Article by Beverley Knight