At One With Yourself: A Listen to Born A Loser By Myd

All of us can struggle with those loser moments that life kindly hurls our way. Even those who appear to have their shit together, yeah, they have them too. Where electronica shaman Myd differs is empowering himself to be unreservedly and refreshingly at one with who he is, believing that this message in a bottle should drift far and wide to spread the notion. Single Born A Loser, released February 18th, embodies this spirit delivering his sermon.

“The song is an anthem dedicated to all the people who think they are losers. This feeling should give them the strength they need to go and achieve great things,” he elaborates.

Do not be fooled by the wacky humour; this Lille engineer holds an astute technical prowess and has remixed with his transcendent skill for entertainers such as Dua Lipa, Brodinski and Victor La Masne, ticking alongside his one-quarter membership of Paris collective Club Cheval. Eventually, all avenues led to an Ed Banger pairing and the crafting of his debut album, Born A Loser, brimming with a body of tracks that bask in their individuality, but can not be mistaken for their Myd identity.

Going back to the title track, the bundle of video and song is produced with a gratifying muffled quality harking back to those endless days hanging out on a tropical terrace and feeling the beats played from inside the venue course through the soul. Lyrics 'I was born a loser' take their origins from reggae beaut The Loser by Derrick Harriott as the extraordinary frolicsome baseline forms the tune and complements the high-hat rhythms; an aeroplane take-off breakdown adds to its surreal state.

Art Camp directed the fuzzy footage, which resembles an 80s craft show for kids decorated with zany graphics and blurriness adding to the artistic appeal as, in the dysfunctional household, our DJ plays each role, interacting with himself as a pink robed blonde bombshell. This fourth track follows The Sun, Together We Stand and Moving Men: independently quirky, but all with his trademarked wobbly wonder. Released April 30th 2021, the record is shaping up to frame our summer in the manner it should, the Myd manner: "I'm finishing this album really confident. This way is my way, and I'm really happy about it.”

Article by Beverley Knight