Barroom Blitz: A Listen To Dracula's Toothache by Organ Morgan

Mysterious music-obsessed composer, Organ Morgan, from Welsh poet Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood, correlated as a fitting name for a new excentric five-piece Folk group, who share a love of rustic compositions. Cryptic characters featured in the 1954 radio drama, placed in the English countryside, yielded a tasty subject matter for the group's self-described Barroom Ballads; their first single Dracula's Toothache commenced proceedings on March 17th.

Originally in the thoughts of old friends from neighbouring villages Harris McMillan and Frank Wright, Boz Martin-Jones, and Frank Maggie Forés joined the cause, completed by Stefano Amoretti of Genova, and five years of floating in and out of Folk gatherings recognised their infatuation in upright pianos, accordions and other fitting instruments. Speaking about the track, McMillan states,

"The song came from some unpleasant realisations I had about getting older - I noticed I’d shed many parts of my life that I’d always considered integral and kept other parts that I’d rather have lost. I found the most reliable image I had of myself was in the way others saw me - it can be difficult to live outside those expectations."

Like the soothing ripple of a village stream, this charming track has an air of pretty dusk. It eases in, with its whimsical brushed drum rhythms and vintage piano, as the female singing tone adds light and harmony to the other calm edged voices. The concoction of an accordion, double bass and guitar are only enhanced by the wooden spoons borrowed from a country kitchen. Sang as the immortal Count himself- "Darkness is shared light, I've pierced many necks at night, I'm just trying to let some light in"- the artistic writing shows of the daily life struggles any breed can face.

Article by Beverley Knight