Be More Them: A Listen To 'Less Like You' From Clippah

Let it always be said without hesitation, Northumberland rock quintet Clippah rock, but after a year of self-discovery, they are rocking hard and rocking big. Current track Less Like You takes a shadier turn as it pinpoints the low points of our collective endurance through Covid. From a selection of new material recorded at Alnwick's Mill Studios with Ally Lee heading production, brooding emissions seeped out of the driven group. Of the song, vocalist Alex Ayre speaks,

"It’s definitely the most bitter of all Clippah songs, but, for myself, it builds to what I can only describe as a musical exorcism! It’s about looking at what is making you unhappy, maybe going to some mental places you were afraid to go, and ultimately cleansing yourself of toxicity and coming out the other side a better person.”

We go down to the woods today for the video- directed by North East filmmaker James A. Potts- where our singer controls a dead behind the eyes cult, probing and provoking until internal eruptions ensue, releasing unwanted negative visions of oneself. Their brand of Northumbria Grunge, robust riffs and lashing beats set an inky forest and a hypnotised crew under the spell of their gritty voiced general.

"Alienate to a sickening state, those with ambition are a life beyond." However, during a somnolent, eventful outro, the band are offered freedom as their grateful thinking breaks free and sinks their flame fan frontman. A metaphor through art and the onset of a new era for Clippah.

Article by Beverley Knight