Blow It All Away: A Listen To Another Weekend By Ade

Midnight Pizza: an agreed fine delicacy in life and a frequent occurrence in late-night hanging and vibing in youth; technology connoisseur New Yorker Ade spent the last five years writing of that familiar coming of age adventure naming his symbolic debut album after the nocturnal snack, released later this April. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, he takes on probing electro-pop, composed, recorded, produced and programmed by the very man himself.

Introductory donation The City, tailgated by the official lead single Havin’ Fun With Pharaoh, lit the way for his most recent track, Another Weekend, released April 9th, representing the fanfare of that untouchable Friday feeling symbolising the end of the working week. And although this can be placed squarely in the club record crate, it ponders the notion of not wanting to go out and mingle with strangers.

"I get a kick out of the idea of a four-on-the-floor club track about being tired of going out. Naturally, now I am sitting in my apartment writing this with a deep longing to be surrounded by obscenely loud music and sweaty strangers, but here’s to eventually (in my case, probably inevitably) being a homebody by choice again one day.”

It is such an odd, little disjointed number that serves in its short two-minute duration. With the retro, pumped kick drum rhythm keeping pace, effects come into play, boasting of a sample from the 50's record Mother Goose and even the cackle of Spice Girl Mel B, dressed with a robotic yet tuneful style and timed voice from Ade: "And I'm with my friends, whom I dearly love, but we could have stayed in my apartment," describing his thoughts about his night. A kooky hotchpot of mutating pop.

Article by Beverley Knight