Born To Dance: A Look At Dancing By Darian Zahedi

Photo by Michelle Thomas

Why do we dance? What do extra-terrestrials assume looking in on planet earth, seeing hips sway, shoulders roll, and heads nod? By origin as an ancient communication method and then developing into a thriving partner to music, it tends to the senses. But ultimately, there is no need for any thought as you join those beats and feel. Narrating this in his track Dancing is LA-based musician Darian Zahedi. Zahedi's practice encourages collaborations as he enhances the dulcet tones of fluid rockers CRX, duo Cadeaux and twosome People on People.

Dancing, Darian's first release as a solo artist and producer, mixed by Shane Stoneback (CRX, Rostam, Cults), came to us originally in August 2020 following months of a new state of existence, where going out to party like the social creatures we are was strictly prohibited. This chink of an idea for a song kept pulling the songwriter back, and, with lockdown providing imaginative space and time, it evolved into a study of our being with the instinct to move metaphorically and literally at our core.

Offering a variance in observations, the verse marks our loss of coming together for one night, united by the want to brush off our solitary troubles: 'Feel like an Island, feel like a face in the crowd. Are we divided, are we just fooling around? ' Where the chorus declares that we are united by an unspoken language: 'Dancing, we're dancing, the only thing that's true.' Although it is steady, there are audio bundles to unpick; it prospers in its many tiers of analogue synths and varying effects. With Zahedi's voice generating a distanced echoed effect and the bass nurturing and steering the piece, it flows and oozes from start to finish.

On December 18th, the music video for Dancing was unveiled, made by artist Anthony Ferrara aka The Bokeh Monster, (@thebokemonster) as Darian extends,

"We had discussed compiling a bunch of nostalgic imagery of people dancing to convey the mood of the song but also the pan-cultural spirit of dancing itself- the primal release it encapsulates."

Including clips from Dirty Dancing, The Great Gatsby and Fame, Bokeh Monster timed the moves to Darian's track resulting in an exceptional slickness. The video inventor collated footage from different eras of the movies but portrayed them here through the lens of a distant future being. This effect over the sumptuous imagery enables the mind to question the absurdity and sensuality of dancing at times. However, that is what the music tells us to do; it is a force that can not be reckoned with. Zahedi and Ferrara hint that Artificial Intelligence lacks unexplainable emotions and soul in this evocative piece.

Article by Beverley Knight