Calling Occupants: A Listen To 'From Then 'Til Now' By Haich Ber Na

Bubbling under the surface, establishing his name and rep while striding through the Old Smoke one confident step at a time is artist and producer Hacih Ber Na. It only needs one jewel to signify that the elements are ripe for take-off, and for him, it would be the progressive tones of knockout track 0594 HELP.

Reinstating that much-missed Jamiroquai thrill, the aggressive beat- unable to be ignored (and why would you want to)- runs under spiritual organ synths and guitar riffs filled with funk as hand clicks cause the shoulders to bounce involuntarily. His condition is wistful as he calls out in this contemporary love loss anthem, "Alone, you left, so long". EP From Then 'Til Now, released February 17th via HQI, shifts from his early days in rap and grime to blend influences and uncork his neoteric brand of investigative electro.

“The name From Then ‘Til Now is an exploration of ideas based on the past present and future. It’s also the gap between my previous work and where I’m going with new material; breaking and repurposing the past and capitalising from it,” Ber Na illustrates.

Follow up single Think About It holds a hallucinatory ability, where distortion and whirl underscore a mighty tuneful outpour, a big chorus and lovely voice, verging on an indie crossover. A more composed feel than Help, telling someone to open their mind to possibilities with poised assurance: "You can't see the end of the road, where it goes, stuck inside a world of your own." For Both Ways, the encouraging creator bows down and lets the beaut singing encased in silk from Rodel take the floor as the beat harks back to a Garage past as the two headstrong individuals converse.

His production on the four tracks formulates futuristic pop at its most intelligent for a new era. Take 87 Days where confrontational beats stomp and humming adds quirk as he refuses to give up on an issue that is desperate for concluding: "If you could show me a place to go, I could see your face in 103 days." The otherwordly lighted visuals he invents add to the artistic bundle Haich presents as a multidisciplined man of innovation. Not just one to watch, one to admire as his stature booms.

INSTAGRAM: @haichberna

Article by Beverley Knight