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NEWS: Catastrophe Release New Album 'Gong!'

A musical about forests, smartphones and the passing of time. With GONG! we wanted to reactivate an improbable need buried deep within us. This sudden urge to get up on the table and start singing instead of talking, dancing instead of walking. This thirst for the absurd, in a world that is too predictable.

We had a craving for gospel music, but in a world without God. A certain idea of life, magic and lucidity, a magic of the here and now. To make music in a fierce joy, which would not turn its back on what surrounds it. A tragic and awakened joy, looking the world in the eyes, like in Bob Fosse’s films.

We dreamed of a marriage between Kendrick Lamar and Jacques Demy, so we made our own musical. Without asking ourselves any questions, the six of us locked ourselves in the same room, and we made music, inspired by everything we love: from Orelsan to Gilberto Gil, Brigitte Fontaine or Arcade Fire.

Leaving plenty of room for choirs, percussion, but also 808s and Fender Rhodes, this record was conceived as a mosaic of our six personalities, different and complementary. “What do you do when you’re not doing anything?” Worry (Blandine), laughter (Arthur), faith (Pierre), looks (Carol), anger (Bastien) and boredom (Pablo) are all in one room and wonder how to stop time. This is the plot of this musical comedy, which talks about our lives, fragile and ultra-connected, about the world accelerating and music as a remedy.

Released by Tricatel on September 11, 2020 and directed by David Sztanke (aka Tahiti Boy), this record was recorded last winter in the south, in a studio lost in the forest. Now it’s just waiting for you.

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