Crest Of A Wave: A Listen to The English Riviera - 10th Anniversary Edition By Metronomy

When the Victorian's referred to a stretch of South Devon's coast as The English Riviera, allusions of our French cousin's chic waterline were projected, bustling in glamour and azure blueness. Pioneer Joe Mount- of Indietronica's Metronomy- consumed the breathtaking beauty and poured these stored stirrings into revered album The English Riviera; to signify its 10th anniversary, a new edition adorned with six unreleased numbers floats in on April 30th via Because Music.

Like a brass lamp rubbed with polish, their third record turned a corner of finesse for the group fine-tuning their electronica music not designed for the tribal comradery of the dancefloor but suited to soirees nevertheless. At the table, it served The Look, where people do not just sing along to the lyrics but the instantly recognisable keys that MGMT has updated for their recent reworking. Track The Bay rides on the same nu-rave wave, the familiar monotony of voice embellished.

Of The Look, Mount reflects,

"I still dont know precisely what that something is, but when we perform The Look live, and I hear thousands of people chanting the bit that gets stuck in your head back at me, der-de-der-der, it often brings a tear to my eye."

Its presence is that of laid-back sea air salted with chill basslines and rich organ synths registered in the glide of Trouble and duet with Roxanne Clifford: Everything Goes My Way. Maturing ten years has not aged this psychedelic pop masterpiece as the added seize tracks of today behave more an extension of its predecessor. Instrumental Aquarius hisses and funks as it cruises on by, and French Organ bops along frantically as if telling a little story that the listener must figure out as the keys continue throughout Friends.

Jazz Odyssey is a brushed drum, piano track leading to Picking Up For You, where someone wishes to gift a love with a yellow flower: "Hop the style, through the field, that's where I'll be picking up for you." Placing a full stop with angled The Ballad Of The 17 Year Old is where we resolve that these additional pieces are less carefree and bright-eyed than their original mercury nominated older siblings, but look up to them with admiration for parting the ocean for Metronomy to stride on.


Friday 22 April - Barrowland - Glasgow, UK (new show)

Saturday 23 April - O2 Academy - Leeds, UK (new show)

Sunday 24 April - Boiler Shop - Newcastle, UK (new show)

Tuesday 26 April - Olympia Theatre - Dublin, Ireland (new show) Wednesday 27 April - O2 Academy - Liverpool, UK (new show)

Thursday 28 April - Academy - Manchester, UK (new show)

Saturday 30 April - O2 Academy - Birmingham, UK (new show)

Sunday 1 May - Tramshed - Cardiff, UK (new show)

Tuesday 3 May - The Foundry - Torquay, UK (new show)

Wednesday 4 May - O2 Academy - Bristol, UK (new show)

Thursday 5 May - O2 Academy - Oxford, UK (new show)

Saturday 7 May - Alexandra Palace - London, UK (new show)

Article by Beverley Knight