Cup of Ambition: A Listen to Q4 by Father John Misty

Intimately in solitude, the projector whirrs. Sweeping red curtains tied with gold tassels frame a modest screen. The uplights dim; the credits roll. D'eux Arms and Anachrona Films presents Q4: an intro song from scribe and performer Father John Misty that articulates honouring obligations of seeming success and going through the motions, unable to fulfil artistic dreams; it's too late? Is it ever too late? Life takes over.

It is so sorrowfully hopeless in FJM's second pensive toned track where humble Folk composing is wrapped in the loving arms of a profoundly arranged orchestra. His forthcoming and fifth studio record, Chloe and the Next 20th Century, is released April 8th via Sub Pop and Bella Union. And speaking of films, this early 70s placed number could stride straight onto the soundtrack of Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza.

Mistifyer's all-encompassing drums return with a tinge of Strange Encounter, cinematic progression, and bonus added harpsichord and xylophone. Simone Caldwell is a frustrated author who pens the biographical novel 'As If'. The man is happy, even if she is not. She only needs to bring in the dollars: "It was just the thing for their Q4." Adding to her woes, her troubled balletic sibling, Leigh, lays heavy on her heart: "Her sister was not much long for this world." And Although we don't meet her brother Andrew much, played by Josh Tillman, we learn that Simone is not permitted to see him unsupervised.

The Grant James' (Fun Times in Babylon) enchanting, noir visualiser employs Rafa Orrico's book animations and Cossa's typestract to present the film of Simone's life: a cult classic in the dark of the indie movie theatre. The concept for record number five unravels as we compile more from our Father's latest monochrome vintage Hollywood quest. For now, Q4 is our generations touch on Seasons in the Sun...

Article by Beverley Knight