Excuse Me? What?: A Listen to Wet Leg by Wet Leg

3,2,1, let's begin. Isle of Wight Punk Disco duo Wet Leg share sweet voices covering salty themes for their first record, Wet Leg. Do not be duped by the Little Prairie fashions; fed up with the relentless pressure on women to look and act a certain way, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers speak out, rude, fun and fabulous, with a wicked sense of humour. "I don't need no dating app to tell me if I look like crap, to tell me if I'm thin or fat." Domino debut, released Friday April 8th, is Wet Leg's female powered Is This It.

Chaise Longue- produced by Jon McMullen- stormed the summer airwaves of 2021, evolving into a viral success. Its comical lyricism caught the ear's attention: "Is your mother worried? Would you like us to assign someone to worry your mother?" Transitioning dynamics- these gals are masters- and spunky riffs fascinated masses, including our friends over the pond; when the second smash Wet Dream delivered all of the above in a French sexy dancefloor style, their reputation glittered.

The big, bassy Angelica- produced by Josh Mobaraki- captures a not-to-be-missed party, but it ought to be; instead lies ahead an evening of fending off pretentious drivel: "But I don't wanna follow you on the 'gram. I don't wanna listen to your band." But we do it all again. Every time. It's revisiting the best bits of Britpop for the modern ear. Sister echo of the same theme, I Don't Wanna Go Out, is a casual-toned grungy monologue with a dreamy middle eight that shines through in other numbers, like Convincing: A sultry mix of Lana and Karen O.

Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey produced most of the record; sensed in the roar of the bass and leading guitar, especially for closer Too Late Now and intro-free opener Being in Love with a look of The Bangles and DIY Berlin scene. Quiet verses that burst in feistiness- another Dan C Trait- are expressed in UR Mum. Satisfying singalong da, da, da's, ooooh's and a practised scream add to the observation that someone refuses to grow up, enough is enough: "I loved you; that was crazy cause you just don't motivate me."

The pair will not stand for dick behaviour and tell you where to go with their quick tongue and class gutter skills. Devouring a slower speed in crowd united Supermarket, more ahhs are ahoy in a Blurish swagger; flower-powered Loving You honours the mellow yellow pace. Quoted to be 'sad music for party people, and party music for sad people', Oh No has thrash to make Jack White sit up. Scuzzy tremolo strumming accompanies a quirky rap of the ancient tale of phone addiction; the traditional acoustic guitar sound breathes in the indiefied Piece of Shit.

Leaving their dwellings, they packed out cute festival tents with crowds religiously chanting their lyrics: 'Excuse me? What?. Next came sell-outs of modest venues; the only way now is bigger, better and bolder. Wet Leg is currently performing on their Europan tour, with North America following in the summer. Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chamber's refreshingly honest take on life empowers and entertains. One wearing the necklace Wet, the other, Leg, smashed it. Smashed it, lasses.