Fancy A Pint?: A Listen To Heavy Night By MEMES

Anyone and everyone that has had the pleasure of visiting Glasgow in bonny Scotland agrees that nightlife is marvellously dear to its heart; late nights, bright lights, loud beats, and one of the most thriving grassroots music scenes in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Rising Laptop-Rock duo MEMES - sharp without taking themselves too seriously - bagged nods of approval from Pitchfork, KEXP and a BBC live session for Steve Lamacq and are well qualified to comment on Glasgow's after-dark glow. Cousins Paul and John Mclinden call the city home, sparking their aptly titled single Heavy Night, out October 6th, 2021.

First new music since their self-titled 2020 debut EP, the duo encountered a collaboration with New York atypical Popstar Darwin Deez. Narrating the observant tale of John's L.B Jefferies Rear Window practices living on Sauchiehall Street, the sky darkens, hustle and bustle amplifies.

Paul spins the yarn,

"John lives on Sauchiehall Street, which is the hub of nightlife in Glasgow. We often practice in the flat and watch the steady stream of people making their way home after a heavy night. We see them starting their evening clean-cut, well-dressed, and in buoyant mood, then at the end, they fall out of pub doors in dishevelled, disorientated states. It’s that disintegration that became the inspiration for this song."

"The song is dedicated to the people who spill the contents of their takeaway trays onto the pavement, who stare blankly at bouncers when told they’ve had too much to drink, and who can’t articulate their addresses when they lean in the windows of private taxis."

Surveying society, first off, the pair are funny, clever and funny, quick-witted: 'I left my heart in San Fransico; I left my nose in some shit disco. I left my tongue in a takeaway tray; I left my lung on an ashtray.' The track has a canny knack of sprinting from Post-Punk to Indie and even spangled melodies and harmonies of the 60s. Upheld by a visualiser of a chap whose had such a Heavy Night that they are still going the next day, dressed in a suave suit and paper bag over his head, a tad like when cones are flung on unsuspecting ancient statues... Swell stuff.

Article by Beverley Knight