Fields Of Gold: A Listen To Let You Speak By Myd

Suffering for your art is driven to extremes by French Touch favourite Myd in teaser song and video, directed by Dan Carr, Let You Speak: the last hurrah before he unveils his decidedly anticipated debut album Born a Loser at the end of this month on Friday, April 30th. We are now au fait with never assuming what is next from the resourceful generator, but there is always one sure and certain entity: he will grant pure entertainment of the highest calibre.

With fashionable artists bringing field recordings bang on-trend, Myd, supported by two reluctant pals (those with a keen eye may recognise companion Myd2), is full of intrigue and enters an excursion of melody, on his homeland, acoustically famous caves and beyond; all locations are genuine.

The incorporation of instruments in his music is dear to his craft, and this track, amidst its Pop status, crosses the boundary of Dance to Indie with ease employing his netted sounds, and, as rhythms and pauses are toyed with, the song puts you at ease and his voice in fine fettle. Reverberation and the hallmark of an unevenly wound cassette tape supplement his comforting buzz. The unconventional creator describes,

“Let You Speak is the joy of feeling free, unbound, ready to travel and run away without looking back. I don't want to see you anymore, hear you anymore, and nothing you say will make me change my mind. What a pleasure to be on the loose.”

A wobble board in the desert creates a Hide You by Kosheen noise, introducing elements of ice, greenery and water along with industrial components, as management threatens to pull the plug over extravagant spending, and tensions run high between the crew as a motif of a metronome is placed in EarthPix worthy backdrops. Myd becomes obsessed in his quest, and their lives are placed in danger from the cruel mistress of the sea; only one survives...

As he tearfully faces the board, made up of creative gurus Alice Moitie and Pedro Winter, between others, does he realise he has gone too far? All in the name of art? Who knows. What we do know is that his most adventurous video to date strengthens an already eclectic back catalogue, a fruit salad of delights. Do not delay pre-ordering this album of 14 tracks that you will find are not all in the same vein of Let You Speak, but all are loyal to their master, Master Myd.

Article by Beverley Knight