Forever In Debt To Your Priceless Advice: A Listen to MPC 2021 by DJ Mehdi and Busy P

Boxes in basements. A resting place for fragments of time and bottled memories that draw the soul in at essential and often unexpected moments. Down in the basement of dreams in Paris, Ed Banger Headquarters, one orange floppy disk journeyed into label boss Pedro Winter's fair hands. Like it says so in movie scripture, dust was blown from an MPC 2000 and an unfinished song that Winter, Busy P, collaborated on with best friend and brother in beats DJ Mehdi traversed the air. A wish to finish the track, gifting an honourable and uplifting heirloom to listeners, dawned.

Genres are more blended than ever today with technology, scope and confidence to mesh like never before, and that, however, took visionaries. Visionaries entirely like Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, who bonded the head and heart of Hip Hop and House. 20 years ago, he took a creative summer Escapade to the cultural hotbed of New York City, with Busy joining him for one week. Toying with a flamenco guitar sample, Busy then took the reins, but the song never found its way to the end; there was just too much partying near Canal Street where Mark Ronson was DJing; it was the Big Apple, after all.

Mehdi's untimely death was a decade ago, yet Ed Banger keeps his legacy ablaze; this is not hard for him to do. Radiating positive energy without a shadow of sadness, Winter enlisted the help of long time Banger pal, fusing queen Santigold and hot topic, Hip Hop newcomer Benjamin Epps. What starts squarely on an Andalusia terrace drifts to the effortless flow and beauty of French diction in this unusual trip that eases from World music to retro house effects to pop. Oodles of layers hug in this short and unpretentious lushness.

So this tale ends for now on a high as it should. Winter invites:

"The song is now yours, please make sure to play it loud so Mehdi can hear it up there.”

Article by Beverley Knight