Forever's Gonna Start Tonight: A Listen To Turnaround By Barely Passable

Here in the U.K., we may be curled up, mesmerised by the falling snow, and accepting the warmth of the fire as the flames lick the air, but, we understand that it is the complete opposite down under in Australia where January is their hottest month of the year and the ocean beckons. Yet Auz pair and electro-pop worshipers Barley Passable are feeling a nip through new tune Turnaround as they produce their disco signature sound, but with a blue tinge.

Kai Ollmann and Davy Brown tackle that age-old, painful struggle of not being able to declare true feelings at the point when you are sure you only have one last shot, one last chance to cite your case.

Turnaround is the final plea of real love. Helpless, desperate and painful, turn around is the last thing you can say to get someone to stay. Knowing that your love is reciprocated only makes it harder and whilst you scream it in your head, even worse is not being able to say it to their face."

"Fearing growing apart emotionally as well as physically, all you can do is repeat in your head the only phrases that matter; just how much this person has taken your heart, and how much you want them to stay,” they admit.

The track demonstrates a sad environment; it transmits that gratifying funk and danceable feel, but this is no jolly bop and exudes theatricality. As the boys do, the song is packed with competent use of the equipment and overlaying of instruments- Rodgersesque guitar the focus for the verse, ascending synths for the chorus- channelling their inner Justice and French influences. Add to this another trait: they do not stick to formulaic writing preferring explorative structures. Flowing backing notes add to confessional thoughts one wishes they could say: "Just know that I'm stolen, oh I'm stolen, and it's why I can not sleep."

Barley Passable is comfortable with their groove and grasp where they are headed with their overall direction, although their outfit is blossoming and Turnaround only their fourth single to date. Written, recorded and produced by the duo in their studio in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, debut EP, Hindsight follows soon, including this, former single Step Inside and two additional original tracks to discover.

Article by Beverley Knight