Freak Out: A Listen to America by Le Junk

Bass and drum his guru, guide and god, London newcomer Le Junk purveys lightning strikes of pop through electronica and rock compositions. Working around the charismatic city proved instrumental in his education, performing with pals such as Meggie Brown and Frances Lion. Dabbling in projects Eighteen Nightmares at The Lux and Big & The Fat pointed to unions with Primitive Ignorant cumulating in an encouraging relationship with his bedroom studio to verify the birth of Le Junk.

From only June of this very year, the tireless artist has dished out four category-busting tracks, and today- November 9th- he seals the pentacle with America: a stripped-back, Eilish, La Roux driven affair, diving into the wrong-doings of the world through curbed tones and a penchant for the machinery in sound.

He goes on,

“America is about the fears and tensions of modern life, using America as the poster child of the West to depict a nightmare of violent crime and prescription drug abuse, neglected by consumerism and political denial. Desperate to escape recurring feelings of frustration and helplessness and wake up from a world preoccupied with superficiality.”

Waking from a warped old movie and an empty promise of free land to hand clicks and choral synths, Le Junk wanders through his imagination in a tired daze to his dextrous earworm of a track.

Sonically morphing from alt-pop to indie-folk even, the lyrics probe at the outrage of our societies, yet the lack of action tackling matters: 'You tell it to your best friend, take it to the backbench, say it to your high friends, tell it to the president, say it to your shy friends, tell them what the crime is but you look away when I wake up I sweats every night.'

Now performing alongside a full band, Le Junk will play live at Paper Dress Vintage on 11th November.

Article by Beverley Knight