Give Up Yourself Unto The Moment: A Listen To Track Of Time By Busy P ft. Haich Ber Na and Shay Lia

A curator of class like no other. Blessed with the sorcerous ability to seamlessly mix tracks miles apart in character yet complimentary of each other's essence is one of the several hundred little things that Boss Man Busy P, or Pedro Winter depending on the crowd, has engineered.

Affectionately nurturing the talent of tomorrow with guidance, heading ever-evolving label Ed Banger and spinning for live audiences is all in a day‘s work for the Paris producer, but, if born with that artistic soul, the necessity to create for oneself always waits. Waits with grace. Waits until it senses the exact point to appear in consciousness; that time is now: Track of Time.

And akin to its predecessor, Genie feat. Maya Hawthorne unlocked four years ago now, the understated, stand-back-and-observe-the-room custom is preserved for this number, which stars on his forthcoming EP, featuring three remixes from House heroes Masters at Work. Winter speaks, we listen intently,

"Like Rakim used to say - 'it’s been a long time!' So many things happened, and of course, the last few months probably accelerated the need to enjoy some studio time. Ed Wreck studio is back! First thing to come out of the basement is Track of Time: a way to express this feeling of being lost in time, in space. But most importantly, it’s a summer song, thinking ahead, dreaming of dancing in clubs again”.

Uniting with the alluring voices of Kaytranada's apprentice Shay Lia over in Montreal and South London hotshot Haich Ber Na, Track Of Time formed internationally, but that was not the initial intention, sadly, a common tale of late for masses. Haich narrates,

"Pedro invited me to Paris last year, but due to Covid, I ended up recording in my home studio. I always wonder how different the song might be if we did it in person, but I guess we’ll never know."

Enraptured by the final package, albeit deviating from its original hue, letting that vibe flow without rigidity revealed another view from the top, a view he sincerely inhales with gratitude.

"I was super excited but also nervous when asked to be a part of this track. Although the production was very different when I was originally sent the instrumental, I love the stripped back direction it headed. I've never made anything this danceable and fun before, so it’s a great song to be featured on."

Incredibly, Haich does not address himself as a singer, which seems mad with such a distinctively golden voice, but a determined Busy held the vision tight; it manifested, as was its right.

"I haven’t sung on anyone else’s production before; I don’t really consider myself a vocalist. He’d been supporting my last release heavily, so I knew Pedro was a good guy; we have similar taste in music and art; I have a lot of respect for what he does. He was persistent with me being on the song over a few months, and I eventually sat down one night and recorded."

Poppy with an undeniable sharp funk and glints of embellishment, the need to model your favourite shades, enjoying the brilliant light of day, but even under the Noir spell of a dimmed club, is indispensable. Two suited voices sing their viewpoints, not in tandem, but crossing paths; ultimately, the only remedy for one is to "Dance until I lose my mind". Haich modestly clarifies that there was another diversion in destination,

"I wrote the lyrics, Pedro offered some suggestions to help finish the song. Honestly, It was a very quick process, taking about half an hour. The vocals on the final track are the first take that I did. He actually asked Shay to be involved at a later stage; originally, it was Myd, him and me. She added so much; she has an amazing voice and really brought the soul that the song needed."

Directed by Baptiste Penetticobra, the unfussy video in muted colours uncovers found footage of youngsters concentrating in the zone, dancing freely for 24 hours straight; last standing wins. Utter exhaustion is etched on the faces of the participants from resolutely giving something every ounce of effort; this can transcend into whatever that 'something' might be for us.

Maybe you will be fortunate enough to hear this and countless Ed Banger wonders by attending the sough-after label party in Paris on July 3rd, including family members Gaspard Augé, Myd, Breakbot & Irfane, Bonito Boy and more. Feel the vibe, feel the beat, purchase tix here.

Article by Beverley Knight