Growing By The Minute: A Listen To Eraser By SHRINK

Every now and then a song out of nowhere comes along alluring the senses and stopping you in your tracks. Enter Eraser by SHRINK, aka Sam Breathwick, which is one of those aforementioned welcomed numbers that casts a spell on the ears. Delivering his debut last month with track Drowning, bold Breathwick is not afraid to test with techniques and distortion, creating an indie solo act seamlessly weaving electronica between multiple musical styles.

The influence of his upbringing is bared in the sound and themes and is transparent. Born in Tooting, the half-German / half-British musician uses his mixed-heritage to their advantage having lived in Singapore, Germany, and settling in Kent’s Sevenoaks. Eraser is derived from his debut EP due next February 2021 and is home to a family situation encompassing his mother's unwavering support of his brother when times were testingly tough. He identifies,

“I wrote the majority of this EP about and from the perspective of my brother, seeing him slip into several lows because of depression, medication and misdiagnosis. It put a lot of strain on my parents and resulted in the atmosphere at home being pretty bad. It really tested my parents, but their care for him was what got him to some form of stability again, showed me a lot of what it means to show unconditional love.”

It begins under the guise of an acoustic folk waltz, as the songwriter's voice pours out, as genuine as can be, until a theatrical soundtrack registers, not dissimilar to favoured Art Rockers Everything Everything. The brain picks out various elements at unconventional times; sometimes it may head to the colourful bass; sometimes the quick-paced electric keys. There is a haunting to it with lamenting backing, as it slows considerably to finish, matching Alice in Wonderland's other-worldly tumble. It repeats, “I know that it's hard watching history repeat itself, it goes on and on like a clock as it’s ticking in time time time, time and again…”

SHRINK is also a producer in his own right operating under the moniker of Vasser, recording in over at a studio in Tottenham; it shows. This piece would willingly sit as the soundtrack to an animated short and shows the capacity and potential of the gift that young SHRINK has to offer.

Article by Beverley Knight