Haphazard Mind Mapping: Five Minutes With Trunky Juno

Ever boarded your train of thought steering aimlessly from powerhouse Patrick Swayze to pizza toppings that can divide friendships to extinct gameshows brimming with nostalgia? Well, Trunky Juno- self-titled lo-fi pop noodler- boasts of this freeform exploration, casting his net wide into his sea of words to draft his songs tinged in empathy with an amalgamation of sounds from the influences of our Father John Misty and remix champions MGMT. I snatched five minutes to get the gen from Trunky... From the culturally rich North East of England, were your roots nurtured in a exceptionally musical town? 'I’m from a little village near Durham, so not really. But I am on the doorstep of places like Newcastle, Middlesbrough, and Stockton that all have great music venues.' Were you an artistic nipper back in the day? I did used to have one of those mic stands with buttons on the bottom to make audience sounds. I wish I still had that.

What's the singular best thing you miss about home when on tour? Good garlic sauce doesn’t really exist in London. It’s just not right, they have to put herbs in there, but I guess that’s London in a nutshell.

Typically a lone wolf, do you come with a live band when touring? When I play live we’re a 4 piece band, but the rest of the time it’s just me. I don’t mind it, I feel like it makes it easier and more straightforward. Which song that you have dropped so far strikes gold live in venues? I think people like Daddy’s Gone for Cigarettes the most, but we also do a bit of a heavier version of Patrick Swayze that’s pretty cool.

Riding on a Mac De Marco, Juan Wauters, Flaming Lips trip, how naturally did you end up at this creative stance?

I think everyone starts at that Mac de Marco point when they’re doing home recordings and making indie music, and then it kind of veers off wildly into another direction. I was playing with an alternative rock band before this, so that was my figuring out process.

See for yourself by joining TJ for the conclusion of his UK Tour:

BRIGHTON - The Last Music Bar - November 18th

BRISTOL - The Crofters Rights - November 19th

BIRINGMHAM - Sunflower Lounge - November 20th


Article by Beverley Knight