Heat Is On: A Listen to Foals' Wake Me Up Remixed by Victor Le Masne and Gaspard Augé

Sashaying through the night with a Princley swagger and all the fun of The Heat Is On is the bonafide lushness of re-imagined track Wake Me Up. And as if Foals' original come back parade was not spangled enough to see out another bizarre year, French producers Victor Le Masne (album of 2020) and Gaspard Augé (album of 2021) bond their artistic connection as a remixing tag team of royalness.

Gaspard, Michael and Victor

Our newly arranged Oxford trio of Foals are ever keen to lend their wares, trusting peers with their treasure, proven in 2020's triple coloured vinyl release Collected Reworks from a mountainous list of producing legends; Gas and Vic join the club.

Mixed by Escapades companion Michael Declerck, you can attribute the glow to the hazed, make friends-on-the-dancefloor Braxe-style leading bass melody and higher-pitched, continual synth twinkle headed straight back to the glory days (depending on your era!) of early 2000s House. Repeating short highlights of Saved by the Bell sass makes sure no one takes themselves too seriously. It is satisfying; it enhances without overshadowing, job well done.

Thriving live- an invisible electrical force the millisecond a foot is stepped on stage- Foals will finally full-stop the chapter on what they set out to do two years ago by touring the UK in April and May of 2022, including additional stop offs (Toon ready) and a four-night run at London’s Olympia. Go. That is all.