Honourable Restoration: Static Complete Baxter Park Recovery Phase One

Raising public engagement through street art conquers with flair, producing heartwarming effects. The latest large-scale project for Scarborough artists Static observes Baxter Park in Doncaster undergo a much-needed and wanted transformation led by the duos unmistakable style and colour pallet. After establishing their craft around the globe in places such as Asia, London and the U.S, Craig Evans and Tom Jackson, working with Doncaster Creates and Art Of Protest Projects, accepted their first major paint assignment in the north of England primed with heaps of hope. 

Many outdoor greens in the UK have it thoroughly sussed, where community and council tend to its every need and its easy to rinse every drop of fun out of it, but dismally this isn't the case for all. Baxter Park has seen his significance drop and where he once was a vibrating communal space, full of love and laughter, he now stands lonely, yearning for company once more. Up for the challenge and wanting to instil change, our Static inventors liaised with locals and schools to see how best to revitalise the area. 

Residents are keen for development, and while some attempt has been made, the park is still not reclaimed and is even being abused and disrespected by some who ought to know better. We all appreciate how a lick of paint can breathe life into a tired, sad space, so producing artwork on this scale will hopefully instil pride and a rightful thing to boast from the rooftops. Not only that, but the people are feeling a level of comfort from understanding that councils, artists, and lone individuals do, in-fact, care. 

Positivity radiates from the project, which concludes next Spring. Other strands of the scheme include a re-landscaping of the park to include rebedding and redesign of the play area, as well as new seating equipment designed by local artist and sculptor Lewis Morgan. With this being the sort of news we can all get behind, there will be more updates to follow as the story unfolds.

Article by Beverley Knight