Humour Winning: A Listen And Look At Moving Men By Myd (ft Mac DeMarco)

All things considered, these last few months have been quite canny for our electric ball of joy, Myd. After lifting everyone’s spirits with the impeccable timing of sun-drenched smash Together We Stand and then lending his hand to rework Wuh Oh’s Softstyle, murmurs of another partnering with Canadian Jizz Jazzist Mac Demarco starting bubbling to the surface. Low and behold, peachy fresh track Moving Men burst onto the scene on October 28th: the second single from awaited debut LP Born A Loser.

How did this absurd pair ignite a relationship you ask? Years ago, after a backstage soiree at one of Mac’s Paris shows, mutual pal Justice’s Gaspard and bossman Winter introduced the two. But how did this collaboration come about though? Well, that is another extraordinary tale. Finding himself in LA, with cancelled tour dates, Myd delivered one chromed out 1985 Toyota Celica from Justice's stunning Fire vid to Demarco, who longed for the automobile. From this gathering, a lighting idea struck: Moving Men.

At the core, the song presents laid-back whistling that removal men may indeed repeat as they go about their business. Setting an understated aura, woozy distortion ensues along with a key change giving satisfaction, Mac’s calming vocals, and tantalising keys to close. The animated video, directed by Alexandre Nart, manages the same feat as All Inclusive where the song is beautifully cool, yet the video, hilarious. A cute Simpsonesque style graphic of Ed Banger Records appears followed by the usual sheer chaos.

Although you may wanna keep company with Mac and Myd, transporting your precious valuables may need reconsidering. Smoking weed, eating, and hanging out with a talking box are high on the agenda; not much werk is in sight. Guest appearances feature with the stealing of a cross for a Justice set, and a stern word from Pedro, even the Mona Lisa steals a moment. Its likability grows with every listen, and the sentiment of sweet, simple friendship spreads through: “The moving men, just me and him, dancing with the boxes, just moving men.”

(Instagram @mydsound)

On the day of release, Myd spent his day driving around Paris in a branded van, offloading his irresistible humour and promoting his art, and a video premier and basement set followed to end festivities of the bright autumn day. We can look forward to more singles from the fella before we collect the album next year, where one can only guess what impressive methods of promotion as slick as oil are on the cards to entice us again.

Article by Beverley Knight