I Hope You Don't Mind: A Listen to I Love You by Fontaines D.C.

In their most beautiful, powerful and finest track to date, Fontaines D.C. pen a letter of confliction and devotion to their beloved Ireland in their new release, I Love You, at a juncture where they were far from home in many senses. Culture ingrained in their newfound, epic success, a vision of the bonny Emerald Isle on the surface to outsiders stirred an unease concerning current and historical stances; I Love You is an unconcealed politically directed song in an unexplored province for the band.

Masters of enabling the ear to settle on distinct strands of their compositions, Grian's lyrical Hip-Hop rhythms may bowl one over with his burning emotional state, and the genius line: "And I loved you like a penny loves the pocket of a priest. And I'll love you 'til the grass around my gravestone is deceased," but Carlos, Conor C, Conor D, and Tom Coll's sound, collectively and individually, seize limelight meaning the listen alters each time; the manner in which the dramatics and build intensify is a constant.

Sam Taylor's video carries the candlelight and daring red theme and vintage fuzz of Jackie. It bears resemblance to a Baz Lurhman piece, who coincidently dropped his Elvis trailer last week, and the throne of early Lana Del Rey. Only Grian is present, coming at you, coming at you with their words in full force; his heart bleeds. He has found his stride, they have found their stride: dark, hushed melodies, repeating words, drawn out syllables, and we will hear it all on April 22nd when the third record Skinty Fia, via Partisan, arrives. I love youse.