I'll Wait 'Til The End Of Time: A Listen To Reborn by Kavinsky

By their very nature, zombies are Reborn. For sports car fanatic zombie, Kavinsky, a 2022 rebirth occurs from a period of hysteria to rest from producing sound. This rebirth is fearless; it is busy; it is touching. It is overflowing with purposeful melodies fit for American stadium rock launched on a rocket into the distant future. With Sythnwave Overlords, Victor Le Masne and Gaspard Augé, behind him, movie montage anthems are plentiful in his second record Reborn, out March 25th via Record Makers.

The stylish, understated pace of Kavinsky, Vincent Belorgey, glides through every track serving as a beacon for a brilliantly bizarre mixture of styles, themes and temperament. Flying saucer Plasma weds bluesy piano with discoed guitars. Many songs invite guest singers; Plasma passionately greets Morgan Phalen, performing a soaring electro-pop chorus of wild abandonment with no apprehension. Bang up-to-date electro-pop also pushes through in track Cameo ft. Kareen Lomax.

In condensed film scenes where a protagonist cannot overcome a challenge trains- trains until they bleed- is uncovered in Trigger, showcasing the experimental nature and range of instruments and tones played with by Kavinsky in a creamy choired flight. Vigilante- requesting Phelen once more- accompanies the opening credits of a childhood U.S. Cop drama with staccato force and the impact of sound emergence from one realm to another.

From first LP Outrun nine years ago, Kavinsky set to work and resurged in Philippe Zdar’s Motorbass studio with a top-notch Parisian team. Le Masne's touch of class accompanied the writing and production; kindred spirit Auge worked on a handful of the tracks. Renegade basques in its Justice glory; this time on the slower side with a 2000s funk.

We encounter the wisdom of Sebastian Tellier sprinkled over raindrop beats and bold piano in the sad Goodbye. Yet, elegant keys exchange with a Honky Tonk saloon for Outsider; in the background, synths creep up, overtaking and recasting the song, beckoning in the strings and back to the Arizona desert to end. Thunderdome chanting Zombie squarely faces the shimmer from its synths, and electrifying, piercing effects converse with distorted voice in the surge and simplicity of Horizon.

Overlapping melodies in a Japanese tranquil garden sit upon a heartbeat, opening the door to the album; in the dramatics of Pulsar, we gear up to a voyage of the epic kind. Although distance and breath is between this work and soundtrack frontrunner Nightcall, its magnitude is celebrated; there are perfect echoes of the historic neon pink track rooted in duet Zenith with Phelan and Prudence: sensual, full-bodied, with the revival of the good ole sax.

French Touch singing sensation Romuald makes a welcomed appearance in breathtaking title track Reborn, writing the lyrics and taking care of the vocal arrangements. Spine-tingling chord progressions- fit for 80’s rock, wild hair, drop arm vests and lighters in the air- match a haunting anthem, its key-change signifying a new beginning. Drive is Drive, Drive is a one-off and will always be, but as unstoppable time ticks, we move, and new soundtracks become friends to fresh journeys in life, just as Kavinsky proves. Excellerate.