In A Most Delightful Way: A Listen to Remedy by Breakbot and Irfane

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Sugar for some, but for disco dudes, best buds and teammates, Breakbot and Irfane, it is the dulcet tones of music; the universal language; songs to soothe, relate to or accompany scenarios present that we traverse.

The pair concocted their elixir, easing the pandemic, by completing their studio and having a space to create their box-fresh sounds. Rhythmical 'Remedy'- shared January 28th via Ed Banger and Because- alludes to a warmth on skin, sweet treat and what is in store from March's EP of the same title.

Intro free, Remedy sets out as a delicate, mid-tempo glide, lyrically in tandem with poets of emerald, Fontaines D.C.'s track Hero's Death, a warning of the trappings of empty clairvoyance and assurance: "Can you smell the poison of the promises they can't keep.' The animated video envisioned and directed by Victor Haegelin, aka Patagraph, floats through the universe sidestepping pitfalls to a passage of eargasmic chord progressions and 70s plucked effect to its handclap worthy harmonious chorus.

Puppets of the pair morph with graphics as each line of the song is presented visually as a spinning vortex spins into a pinky sunrise and lands where we started in this looped package of gorgeousness. Rather than only words, the remedy you favoured for the global pandemic may have been nature or art or food, or the very same as the Banger clan, Irfane and Breakbot: song; lucky for us.

Article by Beverley Knight