It Takes Two, Baby: Parcels' Somethinggreater Remixed by Victor Le Masne and Gaspard Augé

You know, something is telling us it must be Christmas. Behold not one but two releases in the space of a week from in demand Parisian purveyors of electronic sound, Victor Le Masne and Gaspard Augé. Are you seeking a pair that instinctively tune into each others' frequencies and, ultimately, manoeuvre their way around a remix in an MGMT tint? Then look no further.

Leaving little time for the dust to settle from the tinkerings on Foals' Wake Me Up, Augé and Le Masne are let loose on track Somethinggreater from Australian natives and kaleidoscopic quintet Parcels, inventing their insanely luminous version via teammates Because Music and Ed Banger Records.

Now in the bosom of Berlin, Parcels characteristic curiousness pushed past all limits in their album Day/Night: a concept record of two halves of disparity released in the fall. Airier track Somethinggreater shimmied into their funk white flared territory, soulful, vintage, yet fresh. "Holding out for something better, holding out for something else."

The re-work whisks its owner into an entirely new light from its owner. Feel-good festive euphoria and tingles on the back register from sonic mixologist Michael Declerck projecting the wholesome harmonies of the vocals to centre stage. Comforting Justified baselines with Le Manse's optimistic hand claps go from driven danceable moments to thespian beat-less short storms finalised with a gospel outro. Joyus! The question is, who next?

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Article by Beverley Knight