Jolly Good Show: A Listen to The Look By Sports

Indie Electro Pop music has regained its stature, settling for nothing less than flawlessly executed quality that blows up and travels through airwaves across continents. American duo Sports, comprised of forever friends Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot, bonded in Oklahoma and, with the church and MTV a constant in their sweetly flavoured upbringing, felt a need to shake off conventionality, and embody their thoughts, ideas and groove through song.

Trois singles in, The Look is the fourth in the collection squeezed from EP Get A Good Look Pt. 1, landing February 12th. The track plays on those movie-worthy tales of discovery in L.A. that strike us as fantasy but are part of its mad makeup - "Don’t you know you got the look? You’re high up on top of the world"- as the rays of much-needed sunlight pierce through the gloom, and the funk is revved up to dizzy heights.

Its breezy, easy-going sound almost masks the technical prowess and application of the synths that underpin with grace the contagious riffs and euphony of the entire bop. And there will be plenty more to get acquainted with from Sports as just like day follows night after Part one must come Part two. Cale reveals, "We didn’t set out to release the album in 2 parts, but with the pandemic, we had to be creative. It gives us the chance to work on the music and the visuals at a more methodical pace.” All good things come to those who wait as the pair conspire to illuminate all they touch with that self-belief that Los Angeles oozes.

Article by Beverley Knight