Liberate Not Linger: A Listen To Twigs By GEISTE

One thing led to another for South of France contemplative writer GEISTE, as acoustic representations from youth morphed into electro beats and fantastical pop visions, sweeping us to her second single of 2021, Twig. In the last song to be aired from imminent EP Retrogrades, she restores loyalty to self and choosing pathways; eating disorders, drug use, and abuse from a venomous relationship are left behind, in the past, where they belong.

She refines: “I wrote Twig when I realised that I had a lot of difficulties keeping romantic relationships because of the amount of time I spend working on music and being creative. Especially when the other person does not understand - it feels like I suffocate and feel guilty for not giving enough to the other person; as if I don't have the space to grow."

Dexterity of melody dawns from the voice on a bed of dominant, bubbling electronic baselines and synths echoing the sensation of a train passing the station. GEISTE sings of gaining energy over past demons: "I used to stay awake at night, lay under the street lights, haunted by the moon," but the only thing left to right is to tear free from a paring of doom: "I cannot wait 'till the only thing to break is us two." Essential to watch the purple neon toned visualiser that props the song as an extension of the artist and her meaning.

Track Alibi, also featuring on the new EP, turned a corner for the performer when it claimed a place on VEVO’s Emerging Artists Playlist 2021, alongside high flyer Arlo Parks, and, although the 2020 version of Liverpool Sound City was cancelled due to Covid-19, GEISTE will portray her shadowy soundscapes as she returns in 2021.

Article by Beverley Knight