Make Ya Feel So Good, Lord: A Listen To Live At The 100 Club By The Jaded Hearts Club

Northern Soul exudes an understated class where there is no need to shout from the rooftops; the assurance is there just to be. Garage rock all-star group, The Jaded Hearts Club, hold sincere affection for the genre. Specialising in dusting their extensive collections down, they supply the songs an alternative edge by extracting Miles Kane (The Last Shadow Puppets), Nic Cester (Jet), Graham Coxon (Blur), Jamie Davis, Matt Bellamy (Muse) and Sean Payne's (The Zutons) individual quirks and combining them with ferocity.

Latest work, Live At The 100 Club, was captured in London town and celebrated with lead single and Them exemplar Gloria. A richer sound from the three-chord wonder has been extended with ragged intensity, embellished guitar snatches and a punk tribe mentality maintained by the friends. The immediate sell-out gig, in memory of Davis' late father, raised funds for the Shooting Star Children's Hospices. It was available to own in the form of limited edition vinyl, and now, as of March 26th, digital formats appear.

Although the soul remains deep-rooted, rock 'n' roll takes the presidency with three Beatles tracks paying homage to the reason this band formed in the first place, acing an A Star tribute at a party in the town where anything can happen: LA. The fantastically busy Hey Bulldog occupies a 90s Britpop attitude, and Back In The USSR flirts with its vivacious backing.

Speedy wonder Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones is dragged through the night by the gang leading drums headed to voluptuous closing track Helter Skelter and the throws of a crowd, drenched in sweat and that overall sense of ecstasy. Pal The Zutons’ Abi Harding adds her sax to parts of the bash for this dense, hyper session. The Jaded Heart Club are crafting their second LP as we speak, following debut, You’ve Always Been Here. As ever, a project of several knowledgeable musicians who endeavour to look back and unearth the heart in their craft.

Article by Beverley Knight