MEET: Mean Streaks

It was the provocative true star of a lifetime Elvis Presley that provided an influential effect on young Mean Streaks, aka Canadian sonic artist Omar Saab. So much so, that he became an impersonator of The King at the impressionable age of five. From then on, his musical role model guided the way with Saab developing into a songwriter and lead vocalist for Toronto Indie-Pop outfit Alright Alright. Now as one man show Mean Streaks, he produces all aspects of his art from the graphics to the videos to the sound.

Drawing his the bulk of his motivation from the 50s and 60s, uncomplicated rock, punk and new wave are incorporated into his spirited output as he unashamedly avows his love for all things pop, with a tinge of glam. Streaks romps with chords and melody on a guitar or keyboard at the beginning of his creative process, or if feeling like mixing it up a little, he'll try out drum samples until he uncovers something that clicks. But lastly, without fail, are the lyrics with his tendency to overthink them until they are at their sweet spot.

Over the past five months, he has been a busy bee producing his honey of three original tracks propped up by their futuristically retro imagery; all created at home rather than the studio due to the dreaded Covid. Check them out below and follow on Instagram- @meetmeanstreaks- for more.

"Trouble Town is about feeling isolated and uncomfortable in a new environment. I was listening to a ton of the Go-Go's and Elastica."

"Bad Behaviour covers feeling bored with myself and desperate to break out of the same monotonous days."

"Teenage Rush is my perspective of how I met my soon-to-be fiancee and the uncertainty/second-guessing of those early days."

Article by Beverley Knight