Monotony Decision: A Listen To Dull By The Krimis

The chance to build an alternative reality and head to an uneven land, even if this land is not necessarily favourable, is something that artist Max Müller, under the guise of The Krimis, takes robust investment in. Stories put to music grants unfussy creation for the Berlin boy who unlocks single Dull, on May 7th, as the first page of his EP Buzz, which utilises the traditional, satisfying vehicle of tape and vinyl through labels Polaks Records from Île-de-France and rds rec. situated in Hamburg.

Not his first invention, but of his first solo project, Krimis speaks,

"In part, it is a continuation of my former projects, but also goes beyond them with a new, more fictional perspective. The songs find themselves somewhere between Indie and Post-Punk, maybe, if you are in desperate need of a box to put the music in."

And tales he tells forthwith, natural humour snaking through. Three repetitive days of work sluggishly play out over guitar, bass and beats that possesses a knack of sounding like a jam session with intuitive mates in a relaxed environment as a ticking clock stresses the boredom. "I hate these people, to be honest, but they give me money for answering emails, so I take my chances to not kill them," declares the weary chap using coffee as his weapon, boiling frustration rising to the surface as he obeys a life route for money, not for love.

"It never stops," overlaps, clatters and bangs, rises and falls until a whisper, "It never stops, until it stops." Story over and two possible endings like a Goosebumps novel: our featured fella has broken the chain and found the courage to quit or has stopped because of a breakdown and burnout... Choice is yours, dear listener, but I'm sticking to the former.


Article by Beverley Knight