Mood Moor: A Listen to Tundra By Cyrano

Cyrano, fuss-free, exposed his debut track White Wine lathered in his characteristically elegant demeanour earlier in the year. And now, his Whiskey Pop oeuvre gleams like a lunar dusting on the indigo night sky for second delivery Tundra (out July 16th via Fourth Wall Records), where we note a theme emerge and a definite Cyrano shaped stamp he can call his own.

The Scottish producer and multi-instrumentalist unites with production guru - Foals percussionist, field recorder and Techno talent - Kit Monteith once again. Relinquishing the sophisticated sound he desired, it took eight years of searching for his sonic truth when Cyrano landed on his creative mountain. He contemplates,

“I wanted to make a track so chaotic that mirrors the oscillating and often unpredictable feeling of social anxiety and the journey it can take you on. We aimed to break our beats and the norms of a song structure to keep things as irrational as life itself when these feelings arise.”

Suspense-filled pockets materialise in this modernist tune right from the get-go; at any given second, the princely song may explode into festival-ready, humid dance tent euphoria, which it jolly well does after the three-minute mark, but it reserves its hybrid combination of indie drums and electronic samples. Referencing rap genius and classically trained J Dilla as a guiding light, 00's Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop beats precede the rave with a harmonious transition.

Music for the overthinkers is the inscription he awards to his art as he communicates the state of feeling lost and anxious but able to detach himself from the low to look upon the situation logically and out-of-body: "But I've never really lost my mind". A recognisably rich voice is possessed by the Edingburgh-based lad, to which you will gladly become familiar with as he releases EP Consolations soon and connects with Leif Erikson on a 2021 UK tour.

Article by Beverley Knight