Multi-Sensory Magic: A Listen To Hey! By Gaspard Augé

A bolt from the blue; an enticing surprise; the cymbal had barely ceased vibrating from introductory track Force Majeure when the announcement of the second enticing song, Hey! from Gaspard Augé would storm in on May 12th. Directionally, there would be no cast iron clue about where the next instalment of his imminent debut album, Escapades, may take us, but, firmly by the hand, it leads to far off unconventional lands without bounds; A limitless escape and outing for the mind.

The essence of Augé's institution Justice with frère Xavier De Rosnay can be relied upon for an encounter where spirits are automatically transported to a darkened independent cinema screen kitted out with surround sound speakers and a cloth projecting your imagination, directing the film. You are the star. And although the pair continuously collaborate, a need to decipher his musical character independently rang true.

Already from two tracks in, we hear velvety threads of styles, soundtracks, cinema, fiction and visions, all spun into Gaspard's tapestry. Chill inducing Hey! shies away from enlightenment, opting for inky shade and dealings of exchanged mystic Russian dolls under the cold night. Its jarring, disco-on-a-spaceship synths steer to far eastern strings where a nomadic choir is waiting wrapped head to toe in the richest furs, and a breakdown-ornate and otherworldly, ethereal with moody 70s bass- rides to the final chant: Hey!

Visual leadership continues in Turkey from Filip Nilsson for the second short, also filtered in the beauty of art-house cinematography, staring a multitasking sorcerer whose life depends on playing Hey! from an enchanted violin, full-throttle on horseback through awe inspiring scenery. The why needs unravelling, but it may always stay wound. Augé illuminates:

“This is the first thing that came to my mind while recording the track: A Mongolian horse rider playing the violin in the steppe, an epic ride with a far east feel. Filip Nilsson and the amazing rider Metin Yılmaz made that dream come true.”

Unlike Justice's process, the record was formed only in two months. Our boundary free artist teamed up with composer and friend Victor le Masne working in Paris studios Enterprise and Motorbass to record his first outing Escapades, gracing us on June 25th via Genesis, Ed Banger and Because Music. The creations presented so far have enabled us to sense where we may be heading, not see crystal clearly, but sense. And all that is required is to trust, close our eyes and let go.

Article by Beverley Knight