NEWS: ADE - Celebrates the release of debut album 'Midnight Pizza' with 'Happy Birthday

Awash with hazy synthesisers, invigorating drum loops and beatific brass samples, “Happy Birthday” is the perfect alt-pop track to mark the occasion. Evocatively described by Ade as “nostalgia whiplash”, its a track that finds an artist coming to terms with his inner turmoils to emerge a better, stronger and happier person. The single also arrives with an incandescent DIY video starring Ade and remarkably all shot on an iPhone.

Speaking about its pride of place on ‘Midnight Pizza’ and how the new track came to be, Ade says:

““Happy Birthday” always felt to me like a proper “track 1 introduction” to the world of ‘Midnight Pizza’, which is really just my kind of jittery, overstimulated brain and all the s**t that swims around in it, so I knew the lyric would have to be personal. I kept singing “happy birthday, darlin’” which I thought was very much not personal, but figured it was just a syllabic filler lyric that I would surely replace with something “better.” I couldn’t get it to go away, though, to the point of frustration and fatigue. Finally, on a walk around the East Village to cool off, still kind of at war with myself, I had this sudden moment of self acceptance - that I feel and am many contradictory emotional events at once, but that’s frickin life for ya. It felt more honest to embrace that and just try and maintain some (kind of guarded) optimism that those feelings are more universal than it sometimes seems.”