NEWS: Art Of Protest Gallery, York Introduce New Artists For Autumn


Pure Evil born Charles Uzzell Edwards in South Wales in 1968 and currently lives and works in London, UK after spending ten years in California, USA. He grew up in a world of art thanks to his father, Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards. The father’s artwork undoubtedly impacted his son, demonstrated in a range of influences from Cubism to Minimalism, from Picasso to Chagall.

Charles Uzzell Edwards adopted his dramatic moniker, Pure Evil, after shooting a rabbit when he was ten years old and feeling overcome with guilt. Macabre and hyperbolic, Uzzell’s nickname has informed his aesthetic ever since, from his early graffiti-tag bunnies to his tragic celebrity iconography, always using his art to reflect the darkness of the contemporary world.

Heavily influenced by the Pop Art movement, Pure Evil is known for his Nightmare Series: doomed female icons, from Marilyn Monroe to Sharon Tate, are portrayed in Pop print colours, while a single, heavy tear (the artist’s trademark symbol) drips down their fated faces. A comment on the ills of celebrity culture, and the brutal realities of fandom and adulation, the instantly recognisable Nightmare Series has earned Pure Evil a well-deserved following in both Street and Contemporary Art circles.


Greg Jeffs originally hailed from Yorkshire but did his growing up in the South-West, the UK’s surfing centre alluding to his other passion surfing. His love of art and expressing himself through visual culture started with surfboard spraying and detailed illustration. The logical outcome of these childhood pass times emerged in the late 90’s when he embarked on a career as a tattooist. Greg Jeffs aka Paper and Skin he has developed a following and reputation for his intricate dotwork tattoo technique. Developed from 19th century Pointillism Greg has now brought the technique full circle with his first paper collection released through Art of Protest Gallery York.


Born in Sardinia, now working and living in York, Pietro has always been interested in art in all its forms. During his degree studies in Contemporary 3D Craft at York College, he started to focus on the use of the ceramic medium. Pietro now creates hand built and slip cast vessels as carriers for wide and broad types of narratives; his practice taking inspiration from experimentation and an understanding of clay and the possibilities it offers during the act of making. Thus, Pietro uses coil built vessels to create uneven and asymmetrical shapes, creating layered and abstract visual narratives. He also makes slip cast vessels in multiples to play with the deconstruction process and the simplicity of shape and colour. Pietro also uses the ceramic material and ceramic vessels as a medium for his fine art paintings and to explore the possibility of the 3D space. Since graduating, Pietro has taken part in a number of selected exhibitions.