NEWS: Bertram Burgalat Prefaces Memoirs. Celebration November 19th, Paris

Bertrand Burgalat prefaced the memoirs of Mickey Baker, "Alone", at Éditions Seguier, and "David Bowie, l'Enchanteur" at Éditions GM. He will present them on Friday, November 19 at Gibert Joseph's with his album “Rêve capital”.

“This American musician, pioneer of rock 'n' roll and rhythm'n blues, author of classics like Love Is Strange which influenced so many musicians arrived in France in the sixties, following the example of Joséphine Baker. He worked there with Colette Magny, Sylvie Vartan, Françoise Hardy or Chantal Goya.

His treaty of arrangement, read in 1978, had been a trigger for me. I struggled for a long time to pay tribute to him during his lifetime and for this wonderful text, which he had entrusted to me, to be published. Thanks to Jean Le Gall, Editions Séguier, it's done. Thank you to him, to Marie Baker, to Yves Gabay - YG Toulouse and to the great Andrew Loog Oldham, the first who had collided when I told him about it, for writing all that Mickey could have meant “half Rubirosa, half Adam Clayton Powell, pure essence blending with his music”.

“This is the most in-depth work ever published on the subject."

Dedication and meeting Friday November 19 at 6 p.m. at Gibert Joseph's 34 Bd St Michel - Paris 6th