NEWS: Bertrand Burgalat Shares The Ideal Man Clip

Synopsis by Célestin Spriet, director:

Taking the form of Vogue's “73 Questions With a Star”, the clip is invited to Bertrand Burgalat's glass house: it is perfect, just like its owner. But the singer confides: his beauty is such that he struggles to find a half to his height. Only his own reflection seems to embody the perfection he deserves ... The clip proposes to carry out the diktat of the ideal man to the end. The imperative of perfection making him so inaccessible that his soul mate can only be himself.

The clip thus re-enacts the myth of Narcissus in a contemporary environment: a villa with a thousand reflections, a swimming pool shining in the sun. The tone of the production makes it possible to humorously thwart the melancholy of the character and the social imperatives of the masculine. The end of the clip nevertheless allows itself a sincere emotion: that of an impossible love made possible in the dark water of a midnight bath. A disconcerting kiss from a man to himself. A Narcissus answered, saved, fulfilled. Because Narcissus is a man like any other: strange, crazy, stubborn and touching.