NEWS: Brian Drop Single‘Cycle Super Highway’

Art pop duo Brian's new single ‘Cycle Super Highway’ will impact on 9th July on Time For Art Records.

July 9th sees the return from hibernation of Edinburgh synth-psych unit 'Brian' with their single 'Cycle Super Highway'. The band consists of Duncan Gallagher, Will Davies, and a large stuffed bear creating lush vocal harmonies, ambient textures, and chilled 606 beats. Brandishing their psychedelic, synth-laden art pop aloft following the release of their debut EP last year, they dedicate their music to cosy living rooms everywhere.

Shifting from stoned living room wanderings to psychosomatic bear therapy, Cycle Super Highway talks resurrection, mistaken identity, and soil under the fingertips. Clattering and yet serene, Cycle Super Highway is a badly digitised VHS home movie, a high school prom held in a bombed-out bus station.

Listen to ‘Cycle Super Highway’ here:

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