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NEWS: Dolly V Eve Part 4 Is Released

Dean Midas Maynard can boast of four films featuring the Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine: two legandary horror characters based in the North East of England. As his brainchild and sheer passion, Dean never imagined that the independent films would be the runaway success they have become.

The Rag Dolly is based on a spine-chilling Northumberland legend. She has supernatural strength and worships a little spade; the same spade her and father use to play with. Since her dad's passing, the spade means more to her than ever. In the run-up to Halloween 2019, a local family in Willington, County Durham claimed to have seen her? Local filmmaker, Maynard investigated and discovered much more than he bargained for.

Midas elucidates,

"When I started working on my mini horror short film franchise in late 2019, I was hoping the films would get up to 3,000 or 4,000 views. 12 months on The Rag Dolly & Eve Valentine franchise currently stands at 65K views, and rising.

All four films have also been Officially selected at six festivals. A minor miracle for four zero budget short films, all made on a mobile phone. I released the fourth film in the franchise on Friday 23rd October.

Dolly v Eve centres on the two characters coming together for a finale busting face-off. The film was Premiered at the Odeon Durham Luxe."

See for yourself, and divulge in Dolly V Eve on YouTube.

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