News: Erol Alkan Explores John Peel's Legendary Vinyl Collection

Erol enthuses,

Here is something I never imagined I’d say, but I had the immense pleasure of being invited to dig / explore John Peel’s vast record collection. Tom Ravenscroft and I spent an afternoon pulling records out at random, and then sat down to listen and discuss what we had found. My choices were purely based on the curiosity aroused by the sleeves or some other aspect of what was going on in my mind at time… I knew nothing about what we were going to check out (and I feel going thru peoples record and book collections are quite intimate moments), and it was (as you can well imagine) one of the most wonderful days in a long time. There's also a couple of records which I recognised from my own collection, both of which have a story attached to them. I felt like I could have done this a hundreds times over and never get bored. It was a joy and honour. The show was broadcast as part of Tom's 10 part series which is broadcast every Sunday afternoon at 1pm on BBC 6 Music, but you can now listen back to my episode via the BBC Sounds player by clicking the link below.