NEWS: Jagged Baptist Club Drop Haunted By The Night

Jagged Baptist Club are a Los Angeles-based four piece that live somewhere in the space between art rock and post punk, yet always with a pulsing groove and an eye for a melodic hook. Haunted By The Night is the third single from their second album Temptation Death House and is released on September 3. The song is built around a menacing drum and bass groove that recalls Bauhaus or Public Image Limited at their most paranoid. The anxiety builds throughout the song as each new layer is added until it climaxes with a chorus that sounds like the Summer of Love soaked in acid rather than high on it.

Blake Stokes, JBC frontman, reveals "the lyrics cover my time growing up in Houston, Texas but in the form of fever dream impressions and hallucinations, rather than literal biography. Haunted By The Night is crawling with unease and dread and you can dance to it.”

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