NEWS: Jodie Nicholson Shares Intimate Version of 'Second Sun'

Ahead of her debut headline tour in early 2022, rising Hurworth-on-Tees soloist Jodie Nicholson has unveiled a spine tingling live session of her single ‘Second Sun’ – filmed by Jodie Canwell at The Old Church Studio, Northumberland.

Taking her cues from artists including Daughter, Warpaint, Lucy Rose, Bombay Bicycle Club, Pink Floyd and Laura Marling and her Dad’s love of prog rock, Nicholson subtly blurs the lines of genre expectations with warm soundscapes of indie, electro and folk-pop – with her ethereal vocals remaining constant over a diverse, explorative ground.

Nicholson’s songwriting explores what it means to feel alone in a familiar world, cradling vulnerability and loss with aching keys, pensive lyrics, mellow electronics and atmospherics from everyday, solitary moments.

In the intimate new session of ‘Second Sun’, Jodie reminds herself that sometimes you need to have faith in things getting better. “It’s one of those songs that’s shifted meaning as time’s gone by,” she tells, “though it began as a very personal, vulnerable thing, I think it resonates with a lot of people and serves as a big connector whenever I play it live. It’s good to be hopeful.

There’s always something really special to me about sharing vulnerable music in churches; big, wide open spaces where the sound travels for what feels like miles. The Old Church Studio is such a beautiful space and I’ve quietly been a fan of Jodie Canwell’s work ever since I first saw it. This felt like the perfect space and opportunity to create something beautiful together. I hope people love it as much as we do.”