NEWS: Kavanagh Release “Come And Meet The Jones”

The second single from the fast-rising Brighton-based band, finds Kavanagh in take-no-prisoners mood as they deliver an ensnaring alternative rock epic and a damning indictment of small-town rural mentalities.

Swiftly following on from the bright cosmic burst of previous single, “Citizen 202”; “Come And Meet The Jones’” is a track of a more slow-burning, but no less explosive nature. Subverting the traits that have become so synonymous with English country life, “Come And Meet The Jones’” up-ends their values with razor sharp critique and sardonic social commentary. But exactly who are The Joneses? David Emmons of Kavanagh explains:

"The Jones's" are the other people living in the world. It's a play on the typical 'keeping up with the Jones's' and it explores English life, specifically that of the English middle class living in the countryside- a Mother and home baker called Mrs Jones. It explores class difference, microcosms of English society, and the alienation of village life.” Inspired by the lyrical observations of bands like The Small Faces and The Kinks in their respective “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” and “Village Green Preservation Society” eras, here Kavanagh rewrite their pastoral persuasions with a gritty, grunge-inflected makeover.

“It's the modern version of those great 60’s 'English Country' bands, with an alt-rock injection, where everything's strange now, murderous even, and unsafe.” says Emmons. “The idyllic peace of the English Country isn't what it once was... Society is changed.”

Recorded at Far Heath studios in Northampton with award winning studio engineer Angus Wallace (The Fall, Fat White Family), “Come And Meet The Jones’” was also produced by the esteemed Mike Bennett (Ian Brown / The Fall / Fat White Family).

A five-piece formed in Canterbury in Kent in 2016, Kavanagh are the epitome of unsigned, DIY Rock’n’Roll. With a fearsome live rep, they have won two national Battle of the Bands competitions and have toured all across the UK. Now based in Brighton, they featured on BlueSkyPieRecord’s 2019 ‘I Am Not Your Slave’ compilation album of unsigned talent from the South East. With plans to support Fat White Family in the near future, they will also be featuring in an upcoming movie with members of The Sex Pistols and New York Dolls.

Turning heads with the rocket-fuelled sci-fi short of “Citizen 202” earlier this year, “Come And Meet The Jones’” finds a band adding strings to their bow with accomplished shades of classic Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam all in check. With the noise around Kavanagh already proving uncontainable, “Come And Meet The Jones’” is guaranteed to raise the decibels and the hype another notch again.