NEWS: Melvo Baptiste's The Remedy Project Reveals Second Single from Jitwam & Cosmo's Midnight

Following a striking debut release on the label from Hadiya George, Melvo Baptiste delivers the second The Remedy Project single, this time from acclaimed producers Jitwam and Cosmo’s Midnight. With his roots in Assam, northeast India, musical nomad Jitwam and the Australian duo combine their blissed-out production styles for this truly global release, where luxurious strings, percussive funk and a gentle, lilting beat come together in utter harmony.

As a beautifully hazy vocal mists over like summer breeze, ‘Feel Good’ is drenched in a warm soulfulness with an indirect feeling of wistfulness that stays with the listener. Continuing to set the agenda for a label set on discovering the brightest talent and profiling music from across the genre spectrum, The Remedy Project delivers once again.

“Since launching The Remedy Project, the enigma that is Jitwam has always been someone I have wanted to work with. He is such an amazingly talented musician and producer whose music spans so many of my favourite genres. His music and DJ sets are a fusion of jazz, house, hip hop and always laced with soul. We are so happy to welcome him to The Remedy.”Melvo Baptiste, Founder, The Remedy Project

“Feelin’ good and feelin’ blessed to be working with The Remedy and Defected family on this joint with Cosmo’s Midnight. Hope this makes y’all feel good too.” - Jitwam

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