NEWS: MGMT remix Club Intl's new single 'Never Be The Same'. Debut album out May 14th

New single Never Be The Same todays gets a reworking from Andrew VanWyngarden, lead vocalist and songwriter for synth-pop legends MGMT. The new tune once again showcases Johnny Jewel's renowned sonic gleam, matched beautifully with Eatherly's vocal dexterity.

Eatherly says of the single:

"It’s so interesting and exciting having an artist you respect reimagine your work in a way that you never could have possibly heard or thought of yourself. Other than great taste and a knack for making the sounds hit your ears just right, both Andrew and Johnny have in common that they march to the beat of their own drum. That’s the quality I look up to the most in musicians. It’s a dream to work with them together on a track."

The project came to fruition when the East Village basement studio Eatherly records in, had a nightclub built directly on top of it. "All of a sudden there was this nightclub above our clubhouse." Eatherly explains. "The energy from upstairs & seeing hundreds of kids just wilding out every night, started seeping into what we were working on downstairs." Due to Covid - the club closed down leaving no access for Eatherly to enter the studio. So he ended up moving into Johnny Jewel's LA home-studio to write and record this, their debut album.

Johnny Jewel is composer, producer and visual artist. Acclaimed for this groups Chromatics, Glass Candy and Desire - he's also renowned for his production work on the 'Twin Peaks' TV show reboot, 'Drive Soundtrack', and more.

John Eatherly is, despite his young age, a veteran of the New York scene, a founding member of Be Your Own Pet and the driving-force behind Public Access TV.

In The Attic will be released May 14th 2021 via Italians Do It Better