NEWS: Mouse Rat’s Album Hits Multiple Billboard Charts With Vinyl Release

Pawnee, Indiana’s musical hometown heroes had more to celebrate this week with the announcement that Mouse Rat’s debut album The Awesome Albumhas hit four more Billboard Album Charts following the release of the vinyl format last week. The album, which was released digitally in August, already debuted on three Billboard Charts upon initial release:

#2 Comedy Albums

#11 Billboard Heatseekers Album

#17 Top Album Sales

The Awesome Album’s initial release was accompanied by four stellar videos for the band’s YouTube: “5,000 Candles In The Wind, (Bye, Bye L’il Sebastian)” “The Pit”, “Two Birds Holding Hands,” and “Catch Your Dream ft. Duke Silver” as well as an impressive lyric video for guest artist Scott Tanner’s epic “Cold Water (ft. Duke Silver)”. Today sees the release of “5,000 Candles In The Wind, The Li'l Sebastian Augmented Reality Experience”, the world’s first equine-based augmented reality music experience! With this amazing piece of technology, Mouse Rat fans can aim their smartphones at the record as it spins on the turntable and Li'l Sebastian's barn will appear. Dragging the barn to the middle of the record, and dropping the needle to play the track, will result in some celestial Li’l Sebastian magic.

The Awesome Album is available via Dualtone Music Group, in partnership with Entertainment 720 (under exclusive license from Universal Television LLC).

Mouse Rat is fronted by local Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation shoeshine employee Andy Dwyer. Dwyer is known around town as a prolific genius, fronting many local acts through the years including: A.D and the D Bags, The Andy Andy Andies, Andy Dwyer Experience, Angelsnack, Crackfinger, Death of a Scam Artist, Department of Homeland Obscurity, Everything Rhymes with Orange, Fiveskin, Flames for Flames, Fleetwood Mac Sexpants, Fourskin, God Hates Figs, Handrail Suicide, Jet Black Pope, Just The Tip, Malice in Chains, Muscle Confusion, Ninjadick, Nothing Rhymes with Blorange, Nothing Rhymes with Orange, Penis Pendulum, Possum Pendulum, Punch Face Champions, Puppy Pendulum, Radwagon, Razordick, Scrotation Marks, Tackleshaft, Teddy Bear Suicide, Threeskin, Two Doors Down and Scarecrow Boat.


The buzz from Mouse Rat’s performances at Pawnee’s Snakehole Lounge led to Dualtone’s partnership with Entertainment 720 co-founder and Snakehole Lounge part owner Tom Haverford. “Any creative business coming out of Pawnee is tied to Haverford” said Dualtone President Paul Roper, “From Rent-a-Swag to Tommy Fresh cologne and Tom’s Bistro, not to mention his business ideas not yet formed like the scented phone, talking tissues, contact lenses that display text messages and the glitter infused laundry detergent Sparkle Suds, partnering with Entertainment 720’s hype machine was essential. The man is an idea factory.

In an extra dose of AWESOME, Scott Tanner, of the legendary Pawnee bandLand Ho!, has contributed two new songs to the album in a symbolic passing of the torch, identifying Mouse Rat as the next band to break from the underground Pawnee music scene. Dwyer and Tanner originally connected when Dwyer organized a Land Ho! reunion for the famous Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert.

Other than Guns N Roses’ Chinese Democracy, which took over 15 years to get to market, there has never been a more highly anticipated album release. Pirated versions of songs have appeared on the internet for a decade, amassing millions of plays.

To celebrate the album release, Parks & Recreation co-creator and showrunner Mike Schur answered many burning questions on Reddit, like the truth about Dr. Richard Nygard, why Gayle married Jerry, and more. See the recap HERE.