NEWS: My World In My Words- A Book By Bobby Latheron

Middleborough wordsmith Bobby Latheron is keen to communicate his autism through several artistic outlets. Using songwriting to express his feelings, he also picked up the mighty pen to compose a book about living with the condition. Bobby speaks of his work,

"I wrote ‘My World in my Words’ as I have friends with autism, and I was interested in their views of the world, as well as the people not on the spectrum. I also share my song lyrics and a dramatic screenplay which allows the reader to see how an autistic person thinks and plays out the world around them, or at least the way I think."

Holding his published work in his hands, the culture fan realised it represented just what is possible- sky's the limit- and he bears no shame for having a disorder, feeling proud of himself and his friends.

"Being autistic, we have a unique ability to see things differently. I aim to show mainstream society that we can be an important part of the world if given the opportunity and respect for our unique styles. I am not stopping here; lockdown has been a struggle for me like many others. To keep myself focused, I have begun writing my second book. I want to get the message out there and educate society about autism."

Latheron upholds that living with autism does not equate to weirdness: it means you are individual, and that is something to rejoice in.

My Word in my Words is available online at Amazon and Waterstones and in-store at Waterstones in Middlesbrough.