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NEWS: NATHANIEL PAUL releases second solo single & video "IT'S ALL A RAGE"

New York City, NY: 20th November 2020 - The weeds are growing strange…

Nathaniel Paul, frontman of Emmy Award-winning Brooklyn NY duo The Bergamot, captures the energy and chaos of a truly daunting year with the release of his second solo single “It’s All A Rage” today (20th November 2020).

We are facing a severely warming climate, a raging pandemic, the most divisive political campaign in modern U.S. history and now, finally, a refusal to concede by President Trump - 2020 is off the rails.

As Nathaniel says, “In 2020, I found inspiration in the weeds. When a parking lot is paved, all the wildlife and plants either killed or relocated, what is the first thing to come back? The weeds. Weeds find a way to grow in the most challenging of situations.

“I never planned on releasing solo work. At least not at this time in my life. But an unusual problem calls for unusual solutions. It was time to think outside the box. The Bergamot lost just about everything when quarantine happened. So I picked up my guitar and went straight into the studio.”

“2020 felt like a year that would not be for the orchids or the roses, but rather the time for something more likely to grow amidst the dire straits. I kept thinking that if weeds can survive a desolate landscape, so can I. I have to work harder to find the opportunities to grow and, when there is an opening, I just have to burst through. Time is working against us in quarantine.”

Talking about the promo video for “It’s All A Rage”, Nathaniel goes on to say, “This video was directed and shot by a filmographer who goes by the name of cottonbro. I came across his work on a site called PEXELS and thought it would be really cool to put together music videos from the shots on the site. It was a bit of a collage - but it came out really cool. I hope the song really showcases how great the shots are and how well filmed it is."

Nathaniel Paul will release his debut full-length solo album in the summer of 2021 (via AWAL).

Nathaniel is one-half of Brooklyn, NY based duo The Bergamot. The band are currently busy co-producing a full-length documentary, entitled ‘State of the Unity,’ filmed across an entire twelve-month US road-trip and set for release in early 2021.

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