NEWS: North East Noise - A Rock ‘n' Roll Road Movie with Clippah, premiering December 21st

Clippah, a small Northumbrian band, ask their friends and parents to document their journey through a summer of live performances in the region. The resulting film explores the process of growing up in a band, and the role of their local community in their musical escapades.

Shot mostly over 2019, and edited during lockdown, director Alex Ayre has used his second feature-length documentary to delve into the joys and stresses of being a musician. A handmade love letter to local live music in the North East of England – with his band at the forefront. A mix of professional footage, audience phone clips, and archive material, from organisations such as North East Film Archive, are combined to create essential viewing for anyone who is craving the live experience.

At a time where gigs are sparse and live events are endangered, North East Noise allows us to celebrate the pleasures of standing in a field or small bar, hearing the hum of an amplifier, and knowing you’re amongst fellow lovers of rock ‘n roll.

The film will premiere on Clippah’s YouTube channel at 7.30pm on Monday 21st December.

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT Putting this film together has become a labour of love for me, in this strange year. I initially set out to produce a simple live film for our band to release, using footage that some of my filmmaking friends had captured for us in 2019. Once I started combing through the hours and hours of content, though, I realised I could put something together that, hopefully, would mean a whole lot more.

Through watching the film, I hope that people can appreciate the thrills, spills, and simple pleasure of live rock ‘n roll, during a time where gigs are compromised in the short term, and at risk in the long term. With documentary filmmaking, I’ve always seen the opportunity to create a living, breathing artefact that will capture the sights, sounds, and energy of a place or person at a specific point in time. This film focuses on a very small section of the world that is near and dear to me, but ultimately it is a document of live music, right before it was forced to disappear.

On a personal level, it’s been a cathartic task, during the pandemic. It’s enabled me to spend daily hours with my best friends while not being able to see them in the flesh, while also providing me with the inspiration to start considering what it is I love (and don’t love) about

being in a band. I’ve spent the majority of the year living back in my childhood home of Morpeth, and North East Noise, in a lot of ways, has also become a pondering of my relationship with the county of Northumberland.

ABOUT ALEX AYRE Alex Ayre is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, based in Northumberland. Ayre has received a Royal Television Society Award and gained recognition from Channel 4’s Random Acts and BBC Fresh. His films usually touch on the themes of ageing, locality, and fame in a small community setting.

Instagram: @alwaysalexayre

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Clippah is a rock ‘n roll outfit from the North East, loudly churning out anthemic combinations of blues, grit and groove. Formed in September 2014, the band consists of school friends who have grown up and discovered music together in rural Northumberland. A profound love of 90s grunge riffs and melodies are combined with rambunctious funk bass lines and a rip- roaring vocal that'll send you to the bar and back.

Instagram: @clippahuk

Twitter: @clippahuk